Monday, April 11, 2016

College Cheerleaders & Dancers Repping Their Sororities

One thing we've noticed over the past few years is that college cheerleaders and dancers that belong to sororities (and a surprisingly large number do not) love to rep their greek affiliation while in uniform. We've posted plenty of them under the Sorority label, but we've never really had a full on post featuring sorority sisters throwing up their hand signs.

So today we've got girls from TCU, Ole Miss, Fresno State, The U, Arkansas and South Florida dropping their hand signs and repping their sororities. I don't even begin to suggest I know which sororities are represented here, but I'm sure someone will help me out!

1 comment:

  1. TCU is Delta Gamma; First Ole Miss is Delta Delta Delta ("Tri-Delt"), second is Kappa Kappa Gamma; Miami- Delta Phi Epsilon; Arkansas is Chi Omega; South Florida is Alpha Delta Pi.


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