Friday, March 4, 2016

Foreign Cheerleader Friday Returns with the UK's Mana Cheerleaders

In the past we had a regular feature that we called Foreign Cheerleader Friday that highlighted cheer and dance squads from all around the world . . . as long as it was outside of the United States. We hit multiple countries and continents in our journey around the world.

And then Foreign Cheerleader Friday just disappeared. It's not like we stopped featuring cheerleaders from outside the US. We've published numerous posts about CFL cheerleaders in the past couple of years. We've even made a handful of trips down under and across the Atlantic to England.

But like a phoenix that rises from the ashes, Foreign Cheerleader Friday is back on Cheer Heaven. We are going to try to feature some squads we've never featured before, but we'll also re-visit some of our old favorites. If you have any squads you think we should feature, make sure to let us know on Twitter.

The first squad in the resurrected Foreign Cheerleader Friday feature is the Mana Cheerleaders from the UK. This gorgeous group of cheerleaders is based in London and performs in events all over the world. And they have a very strong online presence. You should really follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

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