Thursday, March 31, 2016

Cheerleaders and Dancers of the 2016 Final Four: North Carolina's Ashlyn

We kicked off our Cheerleaders and Dancers of the 2016 Final Four series yesterday with Villanova dancer Kristin. We're back today with part two of this four part series with a quick stop in Chapel Hill to meet one of the Tar Heels dancers. We could have been really lazy and just recycled our recent feature on UNC dancer Taylor, but we thought that was just too easy.

So instead we ran our thoughts past Taylor and, on her advice, we ended up contacing her teammate Ashlyn. Ended up being a brilliant move on our part! Ashlyn is currently a sophomore at UNC double majoring in Dramatic Art and Managament & Society (whatever that means). What's up with these dancers double majoring all of a sudden? I was barely able to scrape by in my one (admittedly) weak major. Show offs! But I digress.

Ashlyn's future plans include a career as a wedding planner and possibly a side gig as a back up dancer out in Los Angeles. Personally I think she should try out for the LA Clippers dance squad and end up on their new reality show. But she didn't ask me.

  • Follow her on Instagram @ashlynmacy7
  • Has been dancing for 18 years!
  • Is currently preparing to compete at NDA Nationals
  • Has a family pet pig named Eve with her own Instagram account @evethepig

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