Friday, February 5, 2016

The Arizona State Spirit Squad is Back

I figured since I featured Gabby from their arch-rival on Cheer Heaven yesterday, it was only fair to give the Arizona State spirit squad a little time in the sun today. Not that Arizona girls need more time in the sun. I'm up here freezing my tuckus off this morning in the Midwest, the lovely ladies of Tempe are expecting another perfectly comfortable 70 degree day.

Enjoy it ladies!


  1. Why did you combine the blogs? I really preferred just the college cheerleaders by themselves.

    Even worse, you didn't give any kind of warning message or leave a message on the old blog. It just says that the blog has been removed.

    I only found this because I wondered if both of them had been removed. I actually never browsed the pro cheer blog.

    1. I combined them to make things easier on this end of things, honestly. Maintaining 2 blogs was difficult, but now I can just focus on the single blog and have twice the content.

      I didn't leave a warning message because I screwed up. I merged the blogs together on the old College Cheerleader Heaven blog. Then I changed the url to reflect the change. For some reason I didn't even contemplate that would kill every CCH link out there. That was just a mistake on my part.

      But I'm glad you found us again. You can always follow us Facebook (Cheer Heaven Page) or Twitter (@CheerHeaven). Those accounts shouldn't be changed and will let you know if we do anything stupid again.

      Sorry for the confusion!


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