Thursday, February 4, 2016

Arizona Pom Squad Hottie Gabby Loves Her Wildcats

College cheerleaders and dancers, by their very nature, tend to be big fans of their school. It is really a basic part of their DNA. After all, you can't expect these girls to shed blood, sweat and tears during countless practices, games and public appearances if they have a lukewarm feeling about their university.

Arizona dancer Gabby, however, takes her love of everything Wildcats to another level. Not content to merely spread her love on the sidelines as a member of the Zona Pomline, Gabby joined the Arizona Ambassadors group to actively recruit for her school. Gabby shuttles prospective students and their parents around campus and sings the praises of Wildcat nation.

Once Gabby is finally done playing recruiter, the sophomore Journalism major hopes to break into to the world of broadcast journalism. Her ultimate goal is to be an E! News anchor. While that may seem like a pretty lofty goal, I think Gabby has everything it takes to get there. She survived growing up in a house with two older brothers that she says "toughened her up." I'm guessing that toughness is exactly what is going to get on her on your television screens sooner rather than later. Just remember this feature when she hits the big time!

But before she heads to the City of Angels, she has a couple more years on the sidelines in Tuscon. And for that we should all be grateful!

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