Friday, January 8, 2016

Miami Hurricanettes Dancer Isabelle Speaks 4 Languages!

While it seems most Americans have a hard enough time mastering their native tongue these days, junior Miami Hurricanette dancer Isabelle speaks four languages fluently. Isabelle's parents were born in Romania and Poland, so along with English she learned Romanian and Polish growing up. Then she apparently decided to throw Spanish in there too because only speaking three languages fluently is embarrassing.

Isabelle is a member of the Delta Phi Epsilon sorority at The U and is currently studying industrial engineering with an eye on running a Fortune 500 company some day. A feat that will no doubt be a little easier with such strong linguistic skills. While she is running her Fortune 500 company, Isabelle would also like to have her own dance studio on the side. Because, again, running a major company isn't enough for her. And did I mention she might also be interested in cheering professionally too?

This gorgeous girl has big dreams, and I love that. I'm also thinking it would be unwise to bet against her in any of these pursuits. After all, dance was just a hobby for Isabelle until she got to college. Growing up she focused most of her talents on tennis. And then just went ahead and joined a big time dance squad when she got to college and decided to take it a little more seriously. Is there anything this girl can't do?

If you want to follow Isabelle's rise to fame, make sure to follow her on Instagram: @izzy_belle3.

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