Thursday, December 17, 2015

Is Syracuse Going to be Good in Basketball This Year?

I honestly don't remember what Syracuse did last year in basketball, but it doesn't seem like they were their normal Top 25 self. Maybe I just have a bad memory. The result of poor choices in life, I'm sure.

Regardless, I miss the Syracuse cheerleaders, so I really need their basketball team to be worth talking about this year. Otherwise I'm going to have to make up flimsy excuses, and that's not something I'm great at. So do me a favor, Orangemen, and win some games this year!


  1. Hello from central NY.

    Last year's hoops squad had a lukewarm season ending in a self-imposed post-season ban. It was over excessive academic help a few years ago to a player named Fab Melo (who walked away from school anyway). This year's freshman class is very good, and will likely determine how well the team does.

    The cheerleaders have been MUCH improved the last couple seasons over past years.

    1. That is some high level Internet commenting. Well done!


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