Thursday, December 31, 2015

Cheerleaders and Dancers of the Orange Bowl

Here we go folks, now things start to get interesting. Every game up to this point has just been an appetizer for what tonight has on tap. The Orange Bowl gets to host this season's first national semi-final, and I think it's the more exciting of the two games.

Clemson finally overcame their snakebitten past to put together a (so far) perfect season that saw them run through damn near everything put in their way with very little consternation. They are a damn good football team that finally put the term "Clemsoning" to rest forever.

But the Oklahoma Sooners have their own demons to put to rest. Bob Stoops has a reputation (undeserved in my book) of choking in big games in the last few years. But he could put that all to rest tonight by knocking off Clemson and taking his team to the 2nd ever College Football National Championship Game. And he'd bring the Big 12 some respect they have been lacking recently.


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