Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The North Texas Dancers Killed It On Halloween

Halloween in a college town is a pretty big deal. There are parties galore and enough sexy costumes to make a young man go blind. But when Halloween falls on a weekend, Katie bar the door! It's going to be a free for all.

This year, as you know, Halloween was on a Saturday. Which means we also had college football to contend with. And the University of North Texas dance team knew just how to make the best of both worlds. The UNT dancers hit the sidelines in full costume, just like most of the NFL squads do. Honestly, I can't believe more college squads didn't try this.

So I'm declaring the UNT dancers the winners of Halloween 2015. Unless anyone else wants to step up for a chance at the crown.


  1. I think I went the opposite of blind, whatever that is.

    hot damn!

  2. Hey ref...yes please!


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