Saturday, September 26, 2015

Texas Tech Pom Shows Up on Cheer Selfie Saturday

We've been using Cheer Selfie Saturday as a way to send some good mojo to an underdog in hopes of an upset all season. But this one I feel a little conflicted about. I picked Texas Tech as a way of thanking Kliff Kingsbury for dropping the mic on Bret Bielema last weekend. I think Bielema is a giant windbag, and I'm glad KK took him down a peg or two.

I do hate rooting against the TCU Showgirls though. They have been so good to College Cheerleader Heaven over the years that it feels wrong to pull against them at all.

But I have to stay true to heart and true to my hatred for Bielema. Like they say, any enemy of my enemy is my friend. So I've got my guns up this weekend!

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