Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Our Girl Anna is Still Killing It at New Mexico State

I never really do anything for this whole Woman Crush Wednesday, but maybe I should start. Doesn't it just seem like something that would work for College Cheerleader Heaven? I think so.

To get things started, let's get a quick update on our pal from New Mexico State. Anna is a now a senior and plans to graduate this spring. Which means we are going to have to find a new favorite Sundancer. I'm sure we can pull that off, but Anna will always be in our hearts.

Anna is also doing a little modeling these days, so hopefully we keep seeing her around even after she graduates. If you want to reminisce on the past, check out Anna's previous feature here. Or just check out her new pictures!

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    Sir, bless you and your website. I saw Anna this weekend and was desperate to know who she was. Quoting myself, "She is better looking in person and quite the talented performer."


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