Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Miami Sunsations Dancer Briege is a Former State Track Champion

Somehow people still fall into the "Are cheerleaders/dancers really athletes?" debate from time to time. Obviously the people asking those kinds of questions don't actually pay attention to what college cheerleaders and dancers do on the sidelines. What these girls put their bodies through rivals any other college level athlete.

But if you need more proof just how athletic these girls are, let me introduce you to Miami Sunsations dancer Briege (pronounced bah-ree-jah). Not only can Briege bring it on the dance floor and the sideline, but she was a state champion both the 4x1 and 4x4 relays in high school. I don't care who you are, that is an impressive feat. So don't tell me these girls aren't athletic.

Beyond her sprinting prowess, Briege is pretty smart. Currently in her third year in Coral Gables, Briege is studying to be a nurse and hopes to be a nurse anesthetist when she graduates. I can barely pronounce that word (and I sure as hell can't spell it by myself), let alone actually try to do the job. She is also considering pursuing a professional cheer gig when she gets out of school. Which means she would put people to sleep by day and get them fired back up by night!

If you want to follow Briege's path in the future, make sure to follow her on Instagram: briegemarieosle

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