Saturday, August 29, 2015

Check This Cheer Selfie Saturday Submission from Wichita State

I just love it when a college cheerleader or dancer sends me pictures to use on the blog. It absolutely makes my day. We like to call those reader submissions around here.

For one thing, it makes my job so much easier. And it's a pretty easy gig to begin with. But when I don't even have to go out and find the pictures, it's almost criminally easy. But a submission from a cheerleader or dancer also means that the girls like the blog enough to want to be featured. And that makes me happy.

Because the whole point of this blog, and our sister blog Pro Cheer Heaven, is to celebrate this girls and share with the world how talented and amazing they are. And it looks like at least the Wichita State dancers get what we're doing here!

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