Friday, July 31, 2015

Is This the Year Washington State Breaks Through?

Mike Leach is entering his 4th season as the Washington State coach, so it's time to put up or shut up. I actually like Leach a lot. He's a wacky dude that coaches his teams to play a fun style of football. That doesn't always translate to wins, but it sure is enjoyable to watch.

From a selfish standpoint, though, I would really like to see the Cougars win this year so I have more reasons to feature the Wazzou cheerleaders and dancers. I feel like these lovely ladies have been neglected around these parts, and I'd like to make up for that. But I really need to football team to give me a strong reason.

Maybe a teaser post in late July will get the boys motivated. Sure, that'll happen.


  1. Only time will tell w/ the football team. These cheerleaders surely are a good looking bunch of young ladies. Blessings to them.
    From a Fan from TX.

  2. The third picture is amazing. It's like she's wearing that skirt as high as she can.


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