Monday, August 26, 2013

Ranking the 15 Hottest College Cheer Squads of 2013

For some reason, I've never really put together a list of the (in my professional opinion) hottest college cheer squads in the country. So what better time than the first week of the college football season to drop our first Top 15 Hottest College Cheer Squads?

We're going to count this sucker down from 15 to 1. If I forgot someone, let me know about it!

15. University of Louisville
Probably the most decorated squad on this list, the Redbirds are not just talented. There are definitely some lookers roaming the sidelines down in Kentucky.

14. Texas Tech University
The Red Raiders might not be the first school to pop into your head when thinking about college cheerleaders in the state of Texas, but maybe they should be?

13. Virginia Commonwealth University
The VCU Rams might be a surprising addition to this list, but that's only if you missed our features on Alana and Ella from earlier this year.

12. South Carolina University
The South Carolina cheerleaders have long been one of my favorite squads, and the discovery of our pal Lauren cemented them in this list for years to come.

11. University of Florida
Roaming the sidelines of a place called The Swamp may not sound glamorous, but the Florida cheerleaders can class up just about any venue you put them in.

10. Clemson University
Though they may cheer for a routinely under-performing football team, the Clemson dancers never disappoint!

9. University of California - Los Angeles
Everyone knows about the UCLA cheerleaders, so it should be no shock that they made the Top 10.

8. University of Missouri
So this is probably my homer-ism coming through loud and clear, but the Mizzou cheerleaders and Golden Girls are top notch!

7. Texas A&M University
Johnny Football may have rocketed Texas A&M back to national relevance last year, but it is the Aggie dancers that have always held my attention.

6. University of Oregon
The Oregon Ducks cheerleaders have been the gold standard on lists like this for years, but I think it's time for some new blood. Because Lord knows the Ducks cheerleaders have done nothing wrong!

5. Louisiana State University
I think the LSU Tiger Girls might be the most active squad on all of social media. It doesn't hurt that they have plenty of talent and beauty to share with the world!

4. University of Utah
University of Utah girls Ariel and Megan pretty much got the Utes into the Top 5 all by themselves!

3. University of Nevada - Las Vegas
You would pretty much expect the cheer and dance squads at UNLV to be filled with hotties, right? That would be a smart bet!

2. Florida State University
Again, it should be no shock that a school like Florida State is on this list. Any school that has this much "talent" running around in the stands is going to have a killer cheer squad.

1. Texas Christian University
Wait, the hottest cheer squad in the country belongs to a Christian school? Damn right! The Horned Frogs cheerleaders have been killing it for years. It's about time someone took notice!


  1. I can't believe you had UCLA at #9.

  2. Oh, UCLA should be #1`.

  3. You left out Texas State. You should go refresh your memory of Caitlyn. Or go to San Marcos and see for yourself!

  4. Texas State is a good one, but unfortunately for TSU fans Caitlyn has moved to the NFL:

  5. is 15 really enough?

    Miami, Washington, New Mexico, San Diego St, S Dakota St, so many cute cheerleaders out there.

  6. No number is enough. I could have listed 50 squads on here and still missed some. But I have to draw the line somewhere, I guess!

  7. Well you can't just repost the whole blog, right? With Caitlyn gone, I'll just have to go to the home opener and see the new faces...and legs. To be sure, I'm ready to get this party started.

  8. I agree with Washington and Miami (FL). Ultimately, too, it's not the cheerleaders necessarily--it's the uniforms. Miami cheerleaders definitely have some of the smallest uniforms out there. Oregon's uniforms are one reason why they belong here, too.

    Uniforms are also one reason why I am glad that Southern Cal wasn't on this list. I hate their uniforms.

    1. Tough to rank. There are so many cuties everywhere.

  9. What about Eastern Washington University?? Those girls are beauties!!

  10. Central Missouri Cheer?!


  12. Aloha from Baja.... SPent some time on collegecheerheaven. etc..... Anticipate action galore - Pat OD

  13. Out of 15,5 are from the SEC

  14. The O Girls will always be 1#

  15. USC and Univ. of Miami !!!!

  16. Clemson has a "underpreforming football team?" That person was obviously watching the girls and not the guys. Go Tigers!

  17. cant believe uk isn't on here

  18. Great post! I love this blog, keep it up!


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