Wednesday, September 21, 2011

UPDATED!!!! Damn Hot UMBC Cheerleader

I know nothing about the University of Maryland - Baltimore County, but I did learn that it is an "honors university." Not sure what that means exactly, but at the least it means that this isn't your typical "dumb cheerleader."

So she's got the looks and the brains? Sign me up!

UPDATE: I found more pics of our mysterious cheerleader, and I found a name. This is Joanne, and she has a bangin' body. Enjoy the updates.


  1. oh wow. Joanne leaves me speechless...her friend in #3 isn't too bad either. thanks!

  2. Her name Is Joanne Amaro She is currently a Baltimore Blast cheerleader , They are a professional indoor soccer team here in Baltimore I have lots of photos of her


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